Essential China Context Seminar




Chinese culture and China’s long history influence the operating environment for foreign companies today in myriad ways. Politically, 2012 marks the beginning of the much anticipated leadership transition. This will lead to another cycle of power change both in government and the private sector.

It is important to understand both the past and present context to operate effectively in China. BMLI’s Essential China Context seminar gives participants an overview of the general cultural and historical context, evolving stakeholder expectations, the fast changing media environment, and the lessons to be learned from the experience of foreign MNCs in China.
Core Curriculum:

  • 5,000 Years of History Alive Today in Business and Public Policy
  • Government and Public Affairs in China – A Business Imperative
  • Relevance and Responsibility for Foreign Multinational Companies in Light of the Evolving Chinese Development Agenda


  • Half day (4 hours): typically 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


  • 5-10


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