Improv-Theatre Communications Theatre





Improvisation teaches vital skills for coping in a business world of rapid change. The Improv-Based Communications Theater, taught by Acewood trainers, is a comprehensive and efficient way for participants to learn more about themselves and each other, as well as have the opportunity to learn various soft skills first-hand.

By practicing a unique combination of warm-up exercises and improvisation theater techniques that encourage collaboration and the use of powerful communication tools, participants are able to unlock their creativity, as well as the innovative power of groups, teams and whole organizations.

This dynamic training offers a fun and engaging approach to help participants build a sense of trust and effective team communication.

The agenda for this course includes:

  • Ice-breakers
  • The right attitude
  • Effective communications
  • Idea generation and creativity
  • Managing and adapting to change


  • Quarter day (2.5 hours)


  • 6-20
  • 20-35


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