Evidenced-Based Marketing






Market research is a powerful tool that guides companies’ strategic planning, marketing communications and business decision making. It is essential for company executives to understand how to utilize these tools in order to extract the most relevant and useful insights, and optimize their decisions.

This program aims to provide decision makers with the skills to understand market research tools. The seminar focuses on introducing the concepts and applications of market research, and teaches users of market research to use the right blend of tools and ask the right questions to gain powerful insights into customer needs and perception.

Participants will learn:

    • The relationship between market research and decision making
    • Various research methodologies
    • Logistics of conducting research
    • How to optimize research spend and decide what is the best market research approach most suited to answer business problems at hand
    • Case studies of how “political poll” techniques can be applied to “corporate research”


    • Quarter day (2.5 hours)


    • 1-2


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